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Beautiful Photographic Story Books
For Children

Stories are told by the young animals and illustrated with beautiful, engaging photography. Enjoy growing up as a Polar Bear, Sandhill Crane, Great Blue Heron, Gray Fox or a Bluebird. The stories depict real animal families nurturing their offspring from a young animal's point of view....with a twist!

There is no violence, just wonderful bedtime stories to be revisited again and again through which the up-close images reveal the day-to-day life in the natural world of animals.

Educational!   Engaging!   Entertaining!


margie carroll press childrens story nature books A Secret Sign For Lindbergh Great Blue Heron Book Portia PolarBears Birthday Wish Book A Busy Spring For Grandella Gray Fox Book Barnabas Bluebird and the BB3 Book A Secret Sign for Lindbergh the Great Blue Heron


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